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Hemp Fizz

05.01.2020 - Recipes

Bored with the usual suspects? In line with the beginning of summer, we present you a new refreshing long drink recipe.

"Fruity and stimulating - our super sunny summer drink! "
Hemp Fizz

Today we start with the invigorating Hemp Fizz, which is based on the Gin Fizz. But apart from its effervescence, it doesn't have much in common with the world-famous classic from New Orleans. Instead of gin and soda, Hemponade meets Prosecco. Do you want to start the evening light and tipsy? Then the Hemp Fizz is just right for you. It is refreshing, soft and surprising with its fine hemp prosecco note. If you like Aperol Spritz, you'll love the Hemp Fizz. Fruity and stimulating - our super sunny summer drink! 


2cl lime juice, 3cl Grand Marnier, 100ml Prosecco, 150ml Hemponade, a splash Orange Bitter, a splash Angostura



All the ingredients, except for the Hemponade and Prosecco, fill in the shaker with ice cubes and shake well for about 30 seconds. After that fill in a cocktail glass with more ice cubes and add the Hemponade and Prosecco.